I do believe I can safely say that Spring has truly arrived.
It's kind of an ugly time of year:  all brownish gray muddy dirt and dead grass right now.
The smell of decay and damp earth.

But in the air, there also remains the promise of sweeter scents to come.  

And if you look past all that winter dreary that lingers .... you can see new beginnings all around.

 Easter Monday saw me in my garden.  I was excited.
Then there was raking of leaves.  Much.

But after.... again, the first shy sprouts were just waiting to be discovered.
It doesn't look like much now:  but the promise is always there.

Soon -- Lilacs!
 my coral bells still had their bright leaves of fall

soon to be a Pretty In Pink Primrose
And thanks to my mom bringing some Easter Blooms, inside my house looked and smelled pretty good too! 

What's bloomin with you?

ImagesByCW Photography

And this week I am excited to be the featured photographer (I do like the sound of that!) over at Cathy's lovely blog.  Do drop by and say hello!    She is certain to have some lovely pictures as well.

Curious as a Cathy

Later today I will have my review of the book "Smile at Your Challenges" by Danielle Pashko - it's an inspiring read that I couldn't put down!

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