There be tears in my java today my friends.
We have lost someone very dear to us just yesterday.
Someone dearly loved, has quite suddenly been taken from us.
Nigh before we barely had time to enjoy their jolly presence. 
Although, it's true -- they could be a bit cold at times.   Still, he had a way of just making everything seem to come to life!

Such jolly times we had.   Marching here and there; all around the....

But, no more.  Stop!

Never again those bright eyes.   Wide smile.
I still remember the damp winter scent of his warm knitted scarf, when I snuggled close.
And the way his hat always blew off in the wind.
Oh!  How he would dance when I put it back on his head with a loving pat.

Why, it seems like just yesterday, I found his lost button on the driveway.
How it got there - I'll never know.

The girls are heart broken.
They may never sing again.

No matter how much I try to tell them, softly, gently: even though good-byes are sad.  and hard.

.....goodbye doesn't always mean it has to be the end.

You can always, build again.


Well, I hope I didn't have you feeling too sad for us!!

If you didn't catch on that was no real tragic death:  consider yourself April Fool'd!!
(although my girls would argue the fact.)

Just be thankful you are not having cereal at my house this morning.
Unless creepie crawlies in your food is no problem for you.   LOL

Or finding a spider in your school reader you didn't finish last night.
That will teach one little Angel Girl not to neglect her homework!  

Honestly though, these pranks really are child's play - which is the point since they are all still young children.   But secretly, I cannot wait until they are older and I can do something really fun.

I was going to seal MonkeyBoy up in his room, but then I thought:  Meh, he probably wouldn't care.  Just not go to school and play on his iPod all day.

Kids are no fun at all these days.

Unless of course --  You want to (re)build a snowman.

I'll always remember you, the way you were

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, April 1st/14

You realize, it's a moral imperative that you pull a prank for this chat prompt.  

Are you a prankster, or just another day?
I'd love some ideas for next year!

Next Week:  Finish the following:   I am Not My _____________

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