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Time out for Mom

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Keeping it light for this shorter week:  
Share something that made you laugh recently.

One thing that made me chuckle when I was sitting at my kitchen table, gazing out my big picture window at the bird feeders the kids and I made:  camera at the ready.

Wondering if I captured a beautiful moment of a bird at the feeder?

Because of course the squirrels chewed the toilet paper roll that had got damp in the recent rain, right off the branch and carried the entire thing away.
And any scraps they left on the ground, the neighbours new puppy happily ate.

Another funny moment happened when I was helping Angel Girl with her spelling.
I use Scrabble type tiles to help her create words on the table.   Its makes for fun impromptu games.

And funny moments tend to happen.

That one may have been my fault.

Poor Angel Girl.   She is the source of a really funny recent moment.
Her 7th birthday just passed, but with her new writing/spelling skills, she located the date on my big Family calendar; ensuring we would not forget her special day.

Do you See it?
Allow me to enlarge:

Does she want to go swimming for her birthday?

She either wanted balloons at her party.....

..... or she knows exactly how her birthday came to be.
In which case I think I need to adjust the Netflix parental settings.

The last thing I wanted to share happened on our Good Friday dinner visit to my mother in laws home in the country.

Just some good ole fashioned Tire Swing Fun!

Nice Photobomb ZooZoo

Of course no family  photo session is complete without someone Photobombing.
Because that's just always funny.

Anything tickle your funny bone lately?

Next Week:   Are you good at small talk, or does just Empty Silence reign when you are in social settings.   This is a big, scary issue for many.   Share your tips on how to be a good conversationalist.

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