Do you consider yourself a Word Wrangler?
A Herder of Vocable perhaps?

Or perhaps words just simply fascinate you.

Then you should absolutely Hop on over to Brenda's for some Thursday Pondering.
(see what I did there?)
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Angel Girl received some Rainbow Looms for her birthday, and time has gotten away from me while watching YouTube videos on how to do the darn things.   Turns out having one of those loom machines makes it much easier.
So, I'd better hop to it!

In case you haven't caught on, the prompt today is HOP.

Sadly, going to The Hop was a bit before my time, but I can still appreciate it, even if I never was At The Hop.

Although, I have tasted some hops.

Pioneer Beer & Hop Gold Beer 01

 round here "hop" usually means we are goin' down to the creek for some catchin'

Monkey Boy is victorious!  (yes, we let it go soon after)
Or more specifically, and given the time of year - we are hopping with excitement!

Hoppy Easter!!
These little Easter Nests were delicious and the kids loved making them.

All you need right here:

chocolate chips, Cadbury Mini Eggs, cupcake liners, shredded wheat crushed
1.  Just crush up some Shredded Wheat (or Shreddies will work fine too.)
2.  Melt your chocolate either with a double boiler, or in 20 -30 second intervals at 50% power in the microwave.  (I also find a few small drops of vegetable oil will ensure the chocolate remains smooth and prevents scorching.)
3.  Mix the melted chocolate and crushed wheat to make your "nest" and put in liner.
4.  cool for a few minutes in the fridge.
5.  Lay your eggs! 

My kids enjoyed theirs, singing madly to "I Want Candy," while watching this:
"Hop" 2011

Which is fine with this mom who will no longer have to be hopping mad at the repeated refrains omgmakethemstopsingingletitgoalreadyorshootme of the Frozen soundtrack.

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