I think that title is a bit off... ??
Something does not seem quite right.   I may have got my mords wixed up.

You see, I am trying to Ponder and Focus; on two different things today.

And Water.

 But, I do believer I have found some rivets OVER water!

Bridge rivets, while not very exciting, are certainly very necessary.

Especially if your bridge is over water.


 Although, personally?    I find these kinds of rivets both necessary and exciting!

I think she was riveted, don't you?

However, neither of these are RIVULETS of water.
Which is what I think my mind was trying to connect.    No streams of small water here.

Oh!   But I did find a "rivet" in a small stream!!

Rivet!  Rivet!
M'Kay.   That may be stretching my Ponderings out a bit too far.

But this shot, Angel Girls reflection in the rivulet --- definitely Riveting in my opinion:

What do you suppose she was pondering?
Besides rivets, or how to catch some speckled frogs?

Of course.

Riveting Waters.
Nailed it.

 photo image13_zps64a48e1e.png

Brenda's Pondering Prompt today:   Rivet

Alison and Greta's Through the Lens Photography Prompt:   Water. 

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