Right or Left?
Push and Pull.
Twisted and broken.
So much undone.
And words unspoken.

Some days you try to untangle all those knots ... and still Hope seems to dangle on the string.

Maybe you choose right; maybe left. 
Maybe you remain stuck; rooted in fear, doubt, worthlessness.

Even I, with all that I should have Learned, Grown, Gained:  Get Rooted.
And they are not always the good kind that feed from a foundation of living waters.

Sometimes they are gnarled and broken -- and even threaten to strangle beautiful things which gasp and fight for life around them.

But all things of darkness will eventually be brought to light.
That is the hope to which I cling. 

That just when it seems the dark is too deep and the abyss ever yawning - and all other lights have gone out:  the path will be revealed.

And most of all - I remain open to the mystery of miracles.
Sometimes your angel might not be what you thought.

Sometimes it may just be a 7 year old girl,you only thought had the voice of an angel.
Sometimes, even the smallest thing can change your course. 

Angel Girl has been singing this song non-stop since she heard it at Awana this week.
And while I am relieved to have a break from "Let it Go"  - I cannot ignore the reminder of Truth.

There was only ever One Way.

Receive it: Pass it on. 

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Leslie Botchar, aka "RoryBore", is a SAHM enjoying life one day - and one cup of coffee - at at time.
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