Well, Mother Nature has been finicky today.
She's showed us rain, clouds, gentle winds and gusting winds, and I saw a snowflake too.

Then just as the dinner hour approached:  Sunshine!

Until then, because it still is only about 1 degree C (that's just still freaking cold for you Americans), the kids have been in the house all day.

But - we roll with punches around here.....and Mother Natures' Moods.

I don't understand why some people have the assumption that family life is dull and boring.

Maybe we're not all backpacking through Asia, or throwing fancy "Congratulations! Your company took over that Fortune 500 company and put 100's of hard working souls out of work" Celebrations.

 But dang it!   We have fun too.

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 I assure you, it's never dull around here.
Why, here are just a few of the games my family likes to play on with me all the time!

This first one is similar to that game "which cup is the bean hiding under", except in this case, I get to guess which one of the laundry detergent bottles...... actually has laundry detergent in it!
And sometimes, it's really challenging, because one bottle might be completely full.....oh don't choose yet!!!   Another bottle might have exactly 4 drops of detergent that will take you 20 minutes to drip out of the container.

For the record, I am not in charge of Recycling around here. 

This game is one we've played here before called "That Doesn't  Go There"

Seriously, I'm on the edge of my seat over this one!
And you just know some minion one  tossed that little bowl and it landed Just So.

Next up we have one that is both challenging, and also succeeds in embarrassing the parents to some small degree if company is over.   Funny how it doesn't embarrass the Game Player -- ONE BIT!  Ever.

I like to call this one "Who's Naked Now!?"

Here we have a game in the classic style of "Whodunit?, or perhaps even "Clue" - except no body is dead.  yet.
Sometimes I also like to call this "Who's Not A Handy Manny?"

It's somewhat unfair since the Left Brained boy has the necessary tools - what he may lack is the inclination.   While Monkey  Boy has many logged hours of Bob the Builder and Handy Manny under his tool belt and could probably do a passable fix it job.

Thus, I will have to solve this mystery as:  it was the littlest who, in the living room, with the plastic hammer, trying to get to the seashells she is not supposed to touch.

Finally, and this I must say is my least favourite game.  It's quite similar to "who stole the cookie from the cookie jar"  except....

Tweet, Tweet Twiddle Twiddle -- there's only one candy in this garden of life thou must not eat from.

And once again, I'm gonna have to go with:  the littlest who, in the kitchen, standing on a chair, to reach something hidden high that she's not supposed to have.

But the foil wrapping.....foiled ya, didn't it ZooZoo?

All's fair in love and family games kiddos.
Better luck next time.

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