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My continued ramblings while riding the rails.
Bringing you closer to knowing me, one tie at a time.

Part One - The Crossroads
Part Two - Trees
Part Three - Stuck in the Maise

A few people have remarked at how deep my thoughts have been while riding a crowded train.
How do I do it?
Certainly, since I am currently watching The Matrix in the background right now, I assure you I am completely capable of achieving a Vegetative State quite easily.
And most of you already know it takes very little to prompt me to Full On Fangirl Mode.
ME: deflecting criticism and unsolicited mommy advice

However, much like Neo setting his mind free, I also find that you would be surprised the places it will take you -- when you let it out for a wander every now and then.

Part Four:  Brown is the Loneliest Colour

Based on my view from the window seat, I've decided that brown is the ugliest colour.
I'm sorry.  I know it is the colour of good, rich soil.    Life giving earth.  Also, chocolate.

I have watched enough Trading Spaces and pinned enough pins to know that when paired with cream, a teal green or an ocean blue, and perhaps a coral accent colour; it can look half decent.
But on it's own?  Outside a window seat and simply sprawling across my vision?
It's just ugly.

mile after mile after mile after....
Although, I do suddenly want to makeover my master bedroom.

These are the random thoughts on a train full of other random silent, also window watching people.   All of us trapped in the silence of Not Knowing What To Say.   So we Observe.

Perhaps to escape.   Or to hide.    Maybe even to wait until that obvious opening to communication presents itself.   Our eyes may be focused outside the train, but I sense that ears are tuned to the few muted conversations that are occurring.

Yet I feel an odd sense of ease and comfort in our shared silence.   The simple fact that we all must be here and bear the voyage somehow uniting us.    A knowing nod and a faint smile seems a fair and worthy exchange to pass these miles in a tolerable manner.

I am sure I used to be better at starting conversations.
I thought this was supposed to be easier the older you got?

How odd is it, that it never even occurred to me to ask, "What's your favourite colour?"

This week was a Freebie week.
Join Xmas Dolly and the rest of the Music Train crew on the dance floor.

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