Happy Friday!!

I am loving the return of Spring!
I can be out of my house, in like 3 seconds now because I can wear less clothes.

Let me clarify:   I am not Nudie.
I refer, of course, to less of the winter variety of clothing.

And the best part?
As there is no longer a chance of frostbite - my camera is coming with me. 

Yes I do have a thing for old barns.

And for spying things in trees

You really never know what you might find
Photobomb Level:  Wild Thing

Feeling Beachie

This week’s co-host is Beth Ann from It’s just life She came up with the last statement! I REALLY NEED STATEMENTS!

The statements:

1. I love to go walking except when it is really windy.    It hurts me ears.

2. I can’t sit down and relax when I feel  I have too much to do.     I'm a get up and get at 'er kinda gal.

Unless it's windy of course.

3. I used to love to take hot baths at the end of the day, but now I hate our tub.   It's too small.    And lately it's been giving me a sore neck, that eventually leads to a headache.    And it is not helping my sore back either.

And, it's gray.
I think that is pretty much it's worse crime right there.
4. I If I could I would do reading, writing and picture taking all day.

And it would also be super if someone would pay me to do all that.

Anytime now National Geographic.

That's actually not a bad "V".
Must not have been windy.

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