It's a long weekend!!!
*She said in complete self denial that this means All the Children All The Hours!!*

With heaps of chocolate and candy added to the challenge.
That should be super fun.

At least a forecast is a bit more promising and Spring Like.
Until I chase them with the broom let them outdoors,  we are occupying ourselves with one of Angel Girl's recent birthday gifts.
If you have a girl in your life:  -- and that just means - in your 100 mile radius in either direction.
You are familiar with these:

Easter Rainbow Loom:  only took me 4 tries! 
Well to give my aching fingers a break after making several of these, and also the added bonus of allowing Left Brain to use his tools  *insert manly grunt here*

we are doing this craft today:

Step 1:  hammer the nails in cross shape; Step 2: outline your cross shape with bands, Step 3: add more colour!
Easy peasy..... and easily allows you a third cup of coffee.
Unless it's already noon, in which case:  a fresh pot.

Feeling Beachie

This week’s co-host is William from The Devil Speaks!
Hilary always can use more statements!

The statements:

1.  I don't require a lot of sleep

Just one of the few lies I tell myself daily.
It goes really well with "there's no such thing as too much coffee."

2.  Sometimes I sing along loudly too if the girls are singing Let it Go.  Again.  

 I prefer to illustrate "annoying as Frack!" by example.
It's even more fun if you can get the words wrong.
Although, that may backfire into a forced viewing of the actual movie, so that you may learn the correct words.
Use with caution.

3.  It is very unusual but I hate having my hands dirty - even though I love to garden.  

I have... like a hundred pair of gardening gloves. 

4.  Is it illegal to kill a Yeti (Sasquatch) if it steals your late night snack?

Yes, in British Columbia, it is.

Kills me.  Every.Time.

Have a Happy Holiday weekend everyone!
And remember to protect your treats! 
You should eat half now like I did; just to be safe.

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