After such a promising blog post title, I really wish I could follow up with some sage advice.

Honestly though, it's very simple: Keep Them Busy.

And some of that other stuff (yeah, even the blogging thing you love) -- just let it go.

And Starbucks.
Lots of Starbucks.
Or, pretty much anybody, anywhere that will pour more coffee in your belly.

Here's some pics from our Spring Break Week.
Yes -- we saw reptiles.
Consider yourself forewarned.

(click any image to enhance your viewing pleasure)

We picked the perfect day for our Sugar Maple Bush trip

Thaw!  Temperatures have to be above zero during the day for sap to run

ZooZoo was much more impressed this trip....than her previous sugar bush foray

We had tons of fun at an indoor play space.
And learned important lessons like
1.  Don't climb higher than what you are able to climb back down.
2.  Slushies are Awesome!   Also, Brain.Freeze.

Ball pools are gross.  Why children, why?!
Yes ZooZoo -- that one is likely much cleaner. 

Here comes the creepy crawlies!

tarantulas, lizards, scorpions and snakes; oh my!   Also, wash your hands NOW
Getting some time away for you (hello, blog title!) is a good idea too.
So I joined my step dad and his buddies one night for their $4.99 steak dinner.
Beer also showed up.
That helped.

The sky made sure it was the perfect end to a long, tiring....but memory making perfect day.

Country Sunset (iphone 4 capture)

How do you survive a busy week?

ImagesByCW Photography


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