Sunday morning
only one sock on
brushing teeth while searching for the other
blouse and dress pants neatly folded on the bed.....waiting....

 ten minutes to church start time and..

the phone rings.
Your step dad left a message about 15 minutes earlier but you were in the shower.
It must be him.

And Right Then.... a sinking feeling begins.

Because it's 10 minutes to church start time....and your step dad, who knows you go to church -- is calling your house.

Your.Dad.Called....... and

She's in the hospital.
And defying the impossible -- your heart sinks further.

In an hour you are packed for a few days, with spare clothes for the kids and some random toys.
Left Brain has made some lunches for the car.
And off you go, 2 hours staring down that yellow centre line......these damn wheels rolling too slow.

If only I could fly to you.

So forgive me dear readers for my unplanned absence.
I will miss you while unplugged for the majority of this week.
If you are the praying sort -- that would be greatly appreciated.

Say a word for Left Brain, who has been left back home with the 3 minions, also.

For now, and without revealing personal information:  my mom is stable and doing okay as I write this.   But there are tests to be done -- I will know more later in the week.

But for now, it's my turn to hold the one, who held me for so much of her life.

 *Coffee Chat will return on Tuesday March 11th, 2014:
The Secret of Passion
How does one find their passion?

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