I am really enjoying my new photography hobby.

I still have much to learn, but I love looking at the world in a completely new way. Viewing through a lens has a completely different feel. I thought it would create distance...isolation, but, I am discovering it actually brings you in closer.

Often it feels a more intimate perspective, or experience sometimes.

The issue?
Not bombarding you with numerous photographs I take of All The Things.

There is a point at which we try to capture so much......that I fear it just becomes noise.
A distraction from being present in the moment.
Our attention diverted from witnessing the thing unfolding....

Hey look!  A giant bubble.

I don't mind the idea of my blog space transitioning into a photo journal over time.
For now I would still like the focus to be my words.   It is still just one mom's digital journal of her growing family.

Plus, you know how much the fangirl in me loves things like this:

Source: im-serious-seriously.tumblr.com
or this:


 But I realize this is perhaps not the space for such things.
And thus...

...I tumbl'd.

My Tumblr space is mainly the merger of my photos and my poetry.   Although, I will of course reblog cool stuff I find too. 

Find me HERE. 
Or via the Tumblr icon in the top right of the blog.

If you also like to tumble -- especially if you have pictures of cute penguins in sweaters, let me know so I can follow you back.

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