Good Day and welcome to the Coffee Chat!

How do you do?
And how are your parents?
Isn't this lovely weather we are having today?
You are not too cold perhaps?  I can start the fireplace if you are cold on this fine spring (ahem) day.  

Did ya eat yet?

Wait, what?

Trust me, totally on topic.
Tuesday, March 25th/14

What is the one question you would ask everyone you meet?

 Proper etiquette dictates that upon first meeting someone, your objective is to make the person as comfortable as possible, while also establishing a connection.     Initial topics should be light, and non controversial; until you have had time to gauge the individual reaction.

And you should absolutely, absolutely remember their name.
When you are introduced:  eye contact, firm shake, and repeat their name...followed by an appropriate salutation and polite inquiries; as I did in the above introduction.

To help make a connection - especially towards remembering their name, you should follow up with a semi personal question, that you can then assign to that person to help identify them.
Such as:  if you knew they were born in Texas, you could ask in relation to that, and thus they become Julie from Texas who can barrel race.

Or you know, whatever your personal alter ego might enjoy. 

I took a poll around the house to see what question my fellow cabin fever mates might ask someone they just met.

Left Brain:   Do you know why I pulled you over sir?

Har Har, very funny officer.
*Note:  I can laugh and tease him like that.....I don't recommend you reply as such to your own personal officer in similar circumstances.*

Monkey Boy:    Pikachu or Sonic? (trick question: it's both)   Star Wars or Clone Wars?   Wii or Xbox?   Do you Lego?
You can see my son wants to get all the important details clear straight up front.

Angel Girl/ZooZoo:    Like there was any doubt these days....

You might think my own might be pretty obvious -- your hint is that the coffee should be on.
or available...or forthcoming very soon.
Well, that certainly is a good and valid question.
But I am not sure that is THE ONE I would most like to ask people.   Ideally, I should have a Great First Question.....and a discussion would result, and at which coffee should most certainly make an appearance.

I heard a celebrity asked once in an interview, what their big "fan" moment was.   I can't remember who was giving the interview, but I remember their answer was meeting Stephen King.  (agreed random famous person whateveryournamewas).   Naturally, they were star struck and trying to think of something brilliant to say to this brilliant mind.   Nada.
Of course....its Stephen Freaking King.  How do you one-up Stephen King?

But Mr. King had no such moment of pause and immediately tossed out the first question:

So, what's your story?

I'm so glad he didn't put it in one of his books.
'Cause, totally stealing it.

Of course my own question for Mr. King would be, "A spider? really?  Why did it have to be a giant spider!"

One thing is for sure, we do all have a story to tell.
So I guess I would want to know:  What's Yours?

Next Week:   April Fools Day!   It's a moral imperative that you try to fool me on this chat -- you do know that, right? 

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