Good morning and welcome to Coffee Chat!!

Was that too loud for those of you who got your Irish on last night with green beer?

 I definitely over indulged in some Lime Tortilla chips and Sprite (both green - it counts!) while I caught up on some TV shows I had missed while away from home last week.    Between The Walking Dead (Crazy "Old Yeller" Lizzie!!), and The Following; I am pretty much afraid to watch TV alone now.

Also, I am pretty much convinced that food hangovers are far worse than alcohol ones.

So that is me.
The God believer who is addicted to scary TV and doesn't always treat my body like a temple.
The auburn hair'd and freckled gal who is not fully Irish -- just a few drops way back from somewhere I think.    Not that I couldn't drink and curse like a proper member of Celtic clan - once upon a time.    Now I am the mom who mumbles to herself when no one else is in the room.

But really, that's all of us - isn't it?
No one is ever just One person.   We are all pretty much a bundle of contradictions.

Maybe you got a little bit of your mom's red hair.
Your father's love of music.
Your grandmother's gift of words and eye for art.
Your grandfather's Irish temper.
And some a dash of that crazy uncle that you can blame for all the crazy stuff you did.

It's like a genetic spice rack.
A dash of this, a dash of that:  and that's the recipe that makes you - YOU.

Time out for Mom
Tuesday, March 18th/14

What Makes You Unique?

I think the one unique thing we all have, is our voice.
I choose to express mine through words; whether that be here, poetry, or a story.
More so lately, via photography.    It's perfect for when I don't have the words...yet, I often find it will inspire words.

My daughter Angel Girl likes to write stories too.    And draw pictures.
Will she be a chip off the old block?  (back to that spice rack thing - I hope I am the cayenne pepper!)'

Well, she wanted to share her voice today.

The Story
One day a bird was sitting on a branch whistling on it.  My mom came with bird seed.
"Yum," said the bird.   My mom hung a bird feeder on the tree.  My mom left the bird feeder and came back in the morning, but the seeds were gone.   "Oh no!  The bird seed is gone, where did it go?"   Then I said, "the bird ate it all up!"    "Oh," said mom, "that is good."    And I said that the bird was happy.   The End.

And the Art.

ZooZoo of course came running in, spied the crayons and had to add her unique voice too:

not a bad bird for a 4 year old
I don't mind sharing my blog space.   Who could stop such creativity just bursting to be free?

Sometimes I am a writer.
Sometimes I am the photographer.
Most times, I am just the mom.

Whose truest wish is that her children would one day feel free to add their own spice to the world.
NEXT WEEK:  What is the one question you would ask everyone you meet?

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