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Today, we are talking about the Secret to Passion.
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Before I get all passionate though:   Once again, I do apologize for my absence last week.
I know technically an apology is not necessary: because everyone has been amazing with their support, thoughts and prayers during this time.   I know such things are understood -- that "real life" often intrudes upon our cozy corners of the virtual world.

Still, I feel the need to say how very much I appreciate that.
So thank you, to all of you.

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Tuesday March 11th/14:

The Secret of Passion
How does one find their passion?

I think everyone can agree, that finding/following your passion is something that is fairly important to us all.   In fact, many would even say that we are obsessed with it these days.

What many cannot agree on is:  How Do You Find It?
Why is that so difficult?   Should we not just be able to live true?

Well, no -- I think there definitely is a modern struggle between focusing on the things that bring you joy, versus the things you choose because they are practical.  And when such disconnect exists -- one can easily lose their passion for life.

Some experts suggest thinking back to when you were a child, and the activities that brought you joy.
Did you love building with blocks/Lego?   Maybe architecture or engineering is your passion
Did you prefer to write plays and make your friends perform them?  actor/screenwriter/director

These were likely your natural talents.  Newly emerging before the judgement or pressure of the world suffocates, or transforms it into it's own ideal.  Perhaps as the adult world of responsibility and expectation increased; the things you truly loved slowly faded into the background.

Can those past joys --- be transformed to your current career path?
If you are lucky, perhaps they already have influenced your career choices.

An exercise that many suggest, is a "Story" or "Creative Board".
I believe it is otherwise known as Pinterest now.

If you tracked the things you added to this file, or board -- the things you are drawn to will start to paint a clear picture of what your interests are.   The more you add, the greater your awareness of what you like (and don't like conversely) is --- and the more your passions for these things grows.

You become even more focused.   And......if you are like me and my Pinterest Board, somewhat depressed as you realize you have champagne tastes and a beer budget.

Others go so far as to say your passion can also be found in your suffering.
(Taken from the night of the Last Supper when Christ suffered and his death.   "The Passion of the Christ.")

For example, one could argue that many today seek fame because they have a passion for acting or singing.  But in truth perhaps they seek fame because it is the ultimate popularity contest; and they are trying to compensate for the suffering they faced as an insecure child.  In a sense, they turned that suffering, into something they loved.

Finally, I am sure there are many self help books and on line quizzes that one could take to assist them to find their Passion.

However, I am not so sure that passion is something you have to search for.  

I tend to think it is something that is already within you.  And I tend to agree, in part, that you could probably tap into it if you looked back towards your childhood.  A time of innocence and impulse not bound by the restraints of practicality and popularity; or even judgement.

I'd say the only real question you need ask yourself is:  Are you happy?
Because I would tend to think that people who had found their passion and are at least living within a portion of whatever that is: would tend to be happy.

I would suspect that they are people who are also confident, secure -- that they embrace their uniqueness. They are probably quite self reflective, and thus able to identify patterns in their life.  Thus able to either continue forward with something, or change when they might travel off course.  I imagine that they do not focus so much on the high expectation set by -- or for -- them; but rather on what is really important. To do lists?  Details?   Are not the important things:  just a means to Get To The Important Things.

I bet they are fearless. 
Not in the sense that they don't have any.  But that they are not held back by them.

However, I feel the point must also be made.
I don't think "finding and living your passion" should also translate to a life of avoiding responsibility.  Or maturity.  They are apart of life too. 
We can't all quit our jobs and go live in a cabin in the woods and write the next big novel of great import.

I think you can absolutely hate your 9 to 5 job that is necessary to care for your family.
But still live a life that has meaning and fulfills your passions.

You know what I always say:  What you feed, will grow.
And I also like the saying: Bloom where you are planted.

So perhaps it is less about finding, or following your passion...

...and more about what harvest you are Cultivating? 

Perhaps we incorrectly assume that doing what you love: will lead to great success.

Well, I tend to think:  it will just lead to doing what you love.

Next Week:  You are You, and No One Else Is Youer Than You!  What Makes You Unique?

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