Photography Project 

Through The Lens Thursday is a self-improvement photography project that Alison of Writing, Wishing and Greta of GFunkified started this year.

This weeks' prompt is Door

I had wanted to get out and about my little town this week to try and capture some interesting doors.   I live in an old town that has beautiful architecture, and since of course Spring is here, right?

I've had snow fall for 3 days now.    It's still a bit cold to stand outside and fiddle bare-fingered with my camera.  
So I had to settle for what I could find indoors. 

I have this extremely so ugly it's interesting cabinet that I love.    The wood carving on the door is so exotic and original.......maybe I'll zoom in for a close up:
(click image for enhanced viewing)

Canon Rebel T3 with "cross process" filter applied.
My daughters have been at the windows lately hoping to catch a sight of the elusive first robin.
Sadly, nothing at my bird feeder or houses just yet.
But not all my garden stuff is outdoors:

Canon Rebel T3 - with "Lomos" filter applied
My daughters, having given up on finding Mister Spring Bluebird in the midst of a snowfall, decided to go play in their dollhouse.
I LOVE their dollhouse!   We had it made by a local woodworking craftsman, and he did everything right down to the cedar shingles and all the balcony spindles.   It's gorgeous.

this is the front door that swings open so you can see/play inside

I think I'd like to zoom in a little closer on that open bathroom door just peeking at the top

Canon Rebel T3 - ISO 800
Perhaps just a bit too much of the bokeh effect on the last one.

So tell me, which door is your favourite?

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