Photo taken by Md. Zabir Hasan

The other day my girl friend called me up to ask if I wanted to get out of the house and come hang out for the day.
Naturally, at first I was all:

Then she mentioned that she had some errands to do.   Just a few stops to make.
And the I was all:
Cause really, how is that fun?
I mean, I already buy the groceries, the toothpaste, the toilet paper and  All The Things for my own home.   Why would I want to hang out with you and revisit the 2 places I've already been this week?

Then she said she had a gift certificate to spend at "The Mall."
It was good at any one of the numerous stores.

Numerous?  Stores?

"What is this magical place "mall" that you speak of?"

 Guys!   Have you heard about this place?   Of numerous stores?
For spending of money -- or, better yet - someone Else's money!

There was Old Navy, Victoria Secret, Gap, Jacob and Tristan clothing stores.
Stores filled with shoes and purses.     Books!   Music!
More stores filled with so much shiny things that whispered their worth as I tried to quickly pass by.

Guys...they even have.... Coffee!

And then...... I saw IT.
Just tucked away around a far corner.
You are walking, minding your own business...dreaming of All The Things, and then you turn the corner.....the sun shines down.... AND ......VIOLA!!!
Apple Retail Store - Bayshore Mall

It was like the Mother Ship calling me home.
Except, I had to pay my own way.    Which, sadly, I can't.
Hello Lover......

Since I couldn't afford anything in the store, and it was so busy you could hardly summon a Sales Rep; what with all the zombies people wandering glazed eyed and touching various temptations like it was a brainzzz smorgasbord.

So I did the next best thing....... a rash non-hostile takeover in hopes of catching their attention.

I set several computers, laptops, iPads, and Mini iPads to my blog, tumblr and various social media sites:

I'm fairly confident Apple will be calling any day now to offer me free product in exchange for me never coming into their store again doing a lovely review here on the blog.

I am also fairly certain I might be the reason we all can't have nice things.

In my defense:   I don't get out much.

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