Just look at these glorious skies!
Canon Rebel T3

This is the view from my bedroom window.  
We have a gorgeous maple tree in the backyard.
It's really to big for the space and needs to come down before it falls on our house one windy night -- but lying in bed:  you can't beat the view.

Such beauty surely heralds the arrival of Spring, right?

That's right Pikachu..... my camera is pointed at the sky, so you cannot see all the snow that is still on the ground.    And later on the same day?

The snow came down. 

iPhone 4

So while everyone else is all "hey look ma - no coat!" and "look at my pretty flowers growing"
I'm just sitting here.   Waiting.
For spring to land on my step.

Feeling Beachie

Okay, you know the deal – Each week, I (Hilary) list four statements with a blank for you to fill in on your own blogs. This week’s co-host is my MOM – the lovely LORETTA! she knew I was in desperate need of statements and sent me all of these!
Awww.... moms rock. 

The Statements:

1.    The sound of birds outside my window reminds of the changing of seasons and Spring coming!

2.   I find hot baths and good book very relaxing; especially before bed.

3.   My kind of  people are easy-going, friendly, and loyal.    Having a pool helps too. 

4.   Too often we need reminding of all our blessings, and how beautiful life can be.

Like a glorious sky -- is a glorious sky.
And I will always be grateful to be in a warm, cozy bed  -- and have a room with a view.

What's outside your window today?

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