I've been away from my blog for almost the entire week.
And as I sit here, the blinking cursor mocks me as I realize I don't have anything to say.
At least, nothing seems interesting.

I don't know.....are these interesting?

That coconut one to the right certainly was.
And ZooZoo somehow managed to eat her entire cupcake ....while still holding that green gumball in her mouth until the end.  

I spent much of yesterday catching up on blog reading.....and to the person who asked the question: Yes - there really were about 50 blogs to catch up with.  (and you busy little bees who post every day -- so, do the math.  I hate math.  Reading -- that I like.)

Or at least I think I stopped at the 50th one because a migraine suddenly hit.

It is still with me as I have awoke to the first day of our March Break!
Which means  No School!!   For A Week!!

Everything is not Awesome.

My mom is heading back to the hospital today.   It's just a follow up, but I am still worrying and stressed about the fact that we had planned to spend our March Break at her house.    She needs to rest and where my children go: Rest Does Not Follow.
But she says having them there will lift her spirits.

Left Brain is working, so it will be me alone on child duty.   All The Hours.  The Whole Week Long.
To Do All The Fun Things.
While my mom is also sick.   And I worry about keeping children on holiday quiet.

I am thinking another unplanned Blog Break is on the horizon.
I need something cheerful.  Something uplifting.
I'm sending words out in an effort --- but they feel set adrift.

I need an anchor.

I'm gonna need a bigger Tylenol bottle -- if I am to get through even this first day.

Feeling Beachie

Okay, you know the deal – Each week, I (Hilary) list four statements with a blank for you to fill in on your own blogs.  This week’s co-host is Carla from Carla’s Rambling who came up with the last two statements

The statements:

 1.   This week I had to leave my home and family and my blog and be there for my mom while she was in hospital.    It seems only fair since she has always been there for me.

And THANK YOU for all those who kept us in your thoughts and prayers.

You might just be an anchor.  :)

2.    Honestly do you think vacations with kids are actually relaxing  or is it harder to be away from home and off your normal schedule?

I love the idea of March Break.   I think kids certainly deserve a break from school in the year.   I imagine the teachers are grateful.

I'm going to be dead beat exhausted come the end of next week.

3.   Only the most dedicated, caring and empathetic people should be nurses.

Because when you get some really, really good ones --  What a difference it can make to someone who is sick and confused and scared.

THANK YOU Nursing Staff --- you are also an Anchor.

4.   If I had a pet to cuddle and snuggle with  I would probably be less stressed and more relaxed these days.

 And no Left Brain doesn't count.   Neither do the kids.
Although they are all awesome - in their way.
Essentially they are stress carriers though.

This guy probably wouldn't ask me for a peanut butter and Nutella while I am trying to keep my morning coffee down due to the blinding intensity of a migraine.

Hi Charlie

What do  you think Lucy?
Is Charlie a handsome fellow?   A keeper?
I wonder if my aunt will miss him from the barn; if I was to hide him under my coat and hurry back home?

Cupcakes and Cats:  Making people happy since..... Forever.

I think I will watch a few of these with the kids; because laughter really is great medicine.

You're anchor can be whatever gets you through the stormy seas.

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