More Winter Fun has been had!

(Shot with Canon Rebel EOS T3 - in Sports mode for the action shots.)
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Angel Girl Daredevil backwards and ZooZoo SwanDive

Um...  ZooZoo perhaps mommy should had put down the camera and fixed your hat.

 Um, Monkey Boy.....same deal.
Seriously kids!  Are you all Daredevils?


 Left Brain .... a little help regarding Safety rules....  um... Left Brain... ..???

Yeah, there's no help there.
 So how do we survive a snowy cold day on a hill where the air hurts your face?
We bring the hot cocoa with us.
(well, someone did -- and I thank them very kindly!)

 How is it ZooZoo?    You like hot cocoa and Oreo's while sledding?

I'll take that as a Yes.
And that my friends, is how you survive Winter in the Great White North.

ImagesByCW Photography

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