Recently we had a big, bright, beautiful full moon, so I ran to the bedroom window tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.... 

wait.... that's another night.

This was what I meant. sorta

Here is the early evening - and also very awful - pic I snapped from the bedroom window just as the moon was visible over the treeline.   My big girl camera was completely on Auto Focus and hand held.    But just to give you an idea of how bright this moon was.  It was also orange when it first came up, but hidden mostly behind that tree line.

 Okay, so I know that I need a tripod to get this night time shot in order to keep the camera steady - due to the slower shutter speed.   Check.

I know I need to set my camera to manual setting.  Low ISO.  check. check.

You also need a long lens - at least 300 mm.   $300!!!

Well, let's see how it goes - I can at least learn how to operate my camera in manual mode.

If Mr. Moon would just work with me on this.....I'll just try a few shots while Left Brain gets the tripod set up.
(click to enlarge the photos)

where did these clouds come from?!

Almost there!
And Hello Moon.

First thing you notice, is that those tree branches are now in focus instead of blurred.
The picture is not quite so grainy.
That's the difference a tripod makes for night time shoots.

But, you can see that I lost some of the clarity and definition of the clouds.   And the moon is very bright blob.   When I checked my manual settings, I noticed in this shot I had not set the ISO again.
The above shot is ISO 800 -- which is too high.
Focal length is 55 mm -- because that is the best I can do.

So one more try:

not quite.
Focal length on this one was at 36 mm -- so not as close, and not quite as bright a blob. 

It looks like tonight is not my night to shoot the moon.
The longer I stayed in my open window (remember, I am in freezing temperatures here!) - the cloud covering increased.

But the point is:  don't be afraid to get your big girl camera out there and try!!!
Experiment with the different settings - you can always delete if it doesn't work.
I made notes about what settings worked - and which ones didn't; so I will not have to take as long the next session.  Any time you are learning - is not a waste of time!

This photo session may not have worked, and I may never get that lovely long lens --- but that doesn't mean I will stop trying to shoot the moon.

hmmppphhh.   look at that clear, beautiful shot.
show off.  ;)

If you have any photography tips, feel free to leave them in the comments. 

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