My kids and I have these really awesome, special moments where we sit down together at the computer, and go through all the pictures we have taken of them since birth.


ZooZoo nails her close up
 Don't panic!
I know it's supposed to be Wordless Wednesday -- I will not show All The Pictures.

However, I do encourage you to take this time with your kids; every now and then.   Show them the hospital pictures, the first food taste, the first steps, and Santa visit.   Tell them the stories of their youth -- even if they are still in the bloom of that youth.   They will love it.
 Did they pee on the doctor when they were born (yes)? Did they fist smash the cake on their First Birthday (yes)?   Pinch their little sister's ear in a photo (again, yes)?  

I find it's good to do this once in awhile, and remind my kids that there ARE in fact times that they get along, enjoy each others company....and yes, Love is there.   It's a great bonding event.

So, here are some of my favourites in a collage (click to enlarge):

Left Brain and I bond in a completely different way:

that last part was a major detail!

How do you bond with your loved ones?

ImagesByCW Photography

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