I am having definite "AAAARRGGHH!" computer moments today.

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Some of you may have noticed that my blog was unavailable yesterday.
The irony?

It re-directed to a website that contained the word "help" in the name.  Yet -- no such help.
Well, if you have found me today:  WOOT!! 
But you probably also noticed my Featured Content Slider that normally resides above my first blog post on the homepage is no longer in residence.
Thanks ever so much non-helpful blogger who closed their domain where the function script was hosted.   A warning might have been nice gesture.

Anyhoo - please bear with me while I YET AGAIN return to the drawing board whilst reminding myself over and over that this stuff is Free and beggars cannot also be choosers. 
(You can access the Coffee Chat topics still by clicking the image that is still there.)

So....on to something I Do Know To Do.

Dear Blogspot Bloggers,
Have you ever enviously stared at those awesome About The Author boxes that you spy on WordPress and other sites?
And shake your fist, and curse Blogger because it does not offer a similar feature?

Yes, I know there is a section under Layout - Blog Posts - Edit where it says very clearly "Show Author Profile Below Posts"; but I could never get it to work. You?

Also, if you have linked your Blogspot Blog with Google Plus, such as I did, then it is actually your Google Plus introduction that will be displayed.
Not the blogger About Me gadget (see footer on this blog).

Never fear - I am here.  Computer Expert at your service.
Stop Laughing.

Okay, so I cannot lay claim to that title.  But..... if you scroll down to the bottom of the post - go ahead, I'll wait ------ what do you spy?

Why, it's a little Author Box, all about ME.  On Blogger.
And I didn't even have to edit the scary HTML of my template.

And, since I love to share; I thought I would offer an easy tutorial.
Just copy and paste from the text box below - edit as necessary.

*Now, I have my blog feed set to show only a snippet of my post of the homepage, thus, this Author Box will only appear when the Read More link is opened.   If you have the full post on your homepage, then the Author Box will obviously be displayed with the entire post there.*

<!—Simple HTML box by Blogger Explorer -->

You can adjust the colours, width, height, position, font size and colour, etc. as I have indicated in the code with coloured text.   You can also see where you add your personal profile image,  personal information and your social media links.

Your image must be the same size as you have indicated in the code.  You can see that I have it set at 140px by 140px, which is a nice size for a profile image.

If you want to adjust border width, padding, margin, etc., you can contact me, or do some research.  Although, I do suggest to always, always, keep a "clean" copy of the code somewhere, and then a "working copy".    The great thing about this method is, you don't have to worry about messing up your entire template.   You can simply delete from the blog post if you don't like it. 

Now, if you don't want to copy and paste this in to every single blog post, every single time you post....  Good News.   There's a solution for that!

Simply copy and past your edited code under the Settings Feature on your Blogger Dashboard.

Click to enlarge

It won't change your archived Blog Posts, but each New Post should have your new Author Box automatically added in your draft post box.

Again, no messing with your blog template.  If you need to change something - simply edit right here, or if doesn't work you can delete and retry; or if you simply don't like it: just remove and Save Settings.

Clean and Simple.
Definitely the way I like things these days.

Do you consider yourself computer savvy; or like me, are you more ....  aw hell, let's see if this will work?

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