Good Morning and a happy welcome to the Coffee Chat.

 Monday was a holiday here in Canada (well, in most Provinces): Family Day.

It coincides with American President's Day.   Basically a day off to spend with family! (although not recognized as a Federal Statutory Holiday in most spheres.  Many trade the day off for another holiday because the schools are closed and many activities in communities are Free!)

They had me at Free.

Thus I am writing my chat prompt based on awakening on a  Holiday Monday morning, rather then the Tuesday morning.

Because let's face it, that's just gonna be a hangover holiday morning, and no one wants to hear about that.

Time out for Mom
 Tuesday, February 18th/14

When I woke up this morning I thought......

My first thought upon waking up in the morning is usually..... Good Lord, do they not Ever sleep in?
Like.....ever?   Really?

But since this was a holiday morning and there was thus no school, and also my parents were visiting, AND also, Left Brain is on holidays for a week, my very next thought was of course....


Because when Left Brain is home, we eat bacon.
Mama don't have time for that on a school morning.   Which is actually shameful because one really should make more time for bacon in their life.

My very next thought, that would be the thought right after "holy crap, that coffee IS hot" after I burned my lip on the coffee Left Brain brought me, was Oh Good Lord, it's a holiday.

They're All Here.
And that means we are going to have to do All The Things!

But my very next thought, was that the sun was shining, and my family was all here, and we really were going to have a great day.   Doing all the FREE things.

After coffee.
and Bacon.

We swam.  We made grilled cheese for lunch.  Then we skate.
Do you know how hard it is to take pictures with one hand having a death grip on your iPhone, the other held in a death grip by a child.....and you are on ice skates?

Yeah - excuse the blur.
Also, I am spinning - on skates -  in that selfie. 
I feel that is important to qualify.

Then we walked because at only -16 Celsius it was not unreasonably cold.   Yes, I know many of you just shivered and grabbed a blanket.
Then there was hot chocolate.  With extra marshmallows.   That may have been me.
And snuggles for the movie The Croods.

It was so funny.   One of my favourites the kids have watched recently.
Nicholas Cage as a caveman?   Yeah, I can buy that.

And then after a nice family dinner, mommy and daddy reached their family fun time limit and all the children went to bed without a fuss.


Perhaps Part B to this chat should be "What Were Your Last Thoughts Before You Went To Sleep?"
Yep, Tired Like A Planking Puppy FTW!!
 Do you remember your first thought when waking up, or do you leap out of the bed start your day without a second thought?

Next Week:  If you really knew me, you would know....

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