Good Morning and Welcome to Coffee Chat!

 I am feeling great these days; aside from tiring a bit easily, but otherwise waking up, feeling good.....

 ....and putting coffee in my cup! 

Winter is soooo long.   We Canadians don't make that up.   I don't know how Winter goes in your neck of the woods.  Perhaps you are one of those lucky ones who have nothing but sunny days every day, and warm all year long climates.  Does that get boring?  Do you long to know how it feels to walk across a lawn covered with fallen leaves?  Or to feel the bite of winters' chill on your cheeks as you race down a frozen hill?

However, for some, the long cold, dark season can result in this thing called Cabin Fever.   Depression during these long cold months is not uncommon.   You really do feel at some point that you will never be warm again.   That grass was just a figment of your imagination.

So to bust out of any negative and dark thoughts - I came up with this week's topic:

Tuesday, February 4th/14 Gimme Five.
Reasons for Living that is.

Time out for Mom

1.   The Obvious
       I'd take a bullet -- or put one in ya if you hurt them.     And if I couldn't do it; you know Left Brain is coming after you.   

 2.  Your Joy Thing:   Now, some might say its not worthy.   That it's trivial.  A waste of time.   But for me, it's my sanity.   It helps me DEAL.  It allows me not just to write - but to share what I write.   It allows me to connect to those I would not normally have the opportunity to connect with.

Yes, it must be balanced against the rest of your life, but never under estimate the Thing That Brings you Joy.   You should get to do the thing that brings you joy.   If running fulfills you; you should run.  If it is painting, or collecting stamps, or scrapbooking --- we all have something that we must do to feel alive and creative.

coffee, laptop, writing journal -- and my Canon is behind the computer

Unless, if your "thing" is to sit naked on your front porch and eat Ramon noodles while blowing bubbles - -THAT you probably shouldn't do.

3.  Art:  whether it's a beautiful photograph, the Mona Lisa painting, or  the sculpture David,  Shakespeare's Sonnets, an Oscar winning movie, a tune that stands the test of time --- Art absolutely touches each one of us.   It crosses most racial, cultural, social and educational boundaries.   And I think the importance of allowing opportunities for self expression cannot be under estimated, or with held from anyone.    I think they allow us to integrate mind, body and spirit.

I love music -- as I've always said:  It sweeps away the dust of life.

4.   Nature --  It soothes and restores my soul.   Also - it's Just Wow.

5.   God:   As for me and my house.    I absolutely believe we have a spiritual side.  I absolutely believe we have a Maker who loves us - so much so, he sent his Son as Saviour.
I think we all have questions about Life and What Comes After, and I know that your answers might be completely different than mine.   That the spiritual journey might look different for each one of you.   And that's okay.

Because God is equal to another thing for me.  LOVE.
More than any list of what to do, or what not to do, or who should be doing what, and who is right and who is wrong:  the Good News is that you are loved.  

And learning to love and to be loved; is the single best thing worth living for.

NEXT WEEK:   What are you loving?  You can be as mushy, sentimental..... or not, as you want.

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