After missing last week, I am back again to try my hand (see what I did there?) at Alison and Greta's Through the Lens one year photography project.

Due to the busy of life, I may not participate every week, but since it is designed to improve our skills, I look forward to the opportunities I can join.

In case you missed my subtle hint above, today's prompt is Hands.
(click images to enlarge and see the full effect)

Let's hope this goes better than my shooting the moon attempts on yesterday's WW post.

It just happened when I pulled out my big girl camera and wandering the house looking for something to spark an idea..... I nearly tripped over my 2 girls dragging each other down the hallway.

Because of course.
I have very expensive toy in my hands.

But then I looked closer.... and ....  There it was:

Canon Rebel T3: 1/50, f/5, ISO 640

Yes, that glint pretty much is always in ZooZoo's eyes.

Later, when I was attempting to make dinner and needed access to the freezer; again with your little bodies in mama's way!

But, look closer.
Grab camera!

Canon Rebel T3: 1/60, f/5.6, ISO-800

I was so close to being 0 for 2 in these moments.
So focused on a task, that I was nearly blinded to the very opportunities that could help me complete that task.   It reminded me of another picture I had recently taken:

Canon Rebel T3: 1/60, f/4.5, ISO-800

I think this little dust collector (yes, mother; I was actually dusting) is meant to illustrate: Be careful little eyes what you see.

Instead, I am amending it to a reminder that when mama's hands get too busy...

..... be careful mama what you might not see.

Which is your favourite show of hands?

Since this is designed to help us improve our skills; feel free to leave some friendly advice, tips or critiques.

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