Participating once again with Alison and Greta's photography project; Through The Lens.

It is providing me with the necessary motivation to get outside, despite the freezing temperatures.

This week's assignment: Dull 

On that recent sledding trip I took with the kids, I spotted a little something from my own childhood.
It was old.  Weathered.   Definitely not it's original bright self, as it lay discarded in a snow drift.

But I am not sure it was altogether uninteresting. 

I'll give you a hint.....  Rosebud!

I have shown some beautiful pictures of the woods near my house too.   I love the stark dark of bare branches against the blinding white of snow, and blue skies.

I love all trees - all nature:  but this maple tree with the dead and dried keys was definitely dull.
As in lacking brightness.  Vividness.  Sheen.

Yet again, not exactly uninteresting.

Sure our world is obsessed with the bright and shiny, the youthful and the useful.  
But I hope I am still interesting when the day arrives that I am old and weathered, and the world would like to also discard me.

Like that old sled and tree that stands as silent witness through the generations, I'd like to think I still have stories to tell.   That I would not diminish.

"that the powerful play goes on; and you will contribute a verse."
 O Me! O Life!
Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

This project is intended to improve one's photography skills, so feel free to leave an honest critique, tips, or helpful hints.  

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