Friday was a PA day for the kids, so we all started the day in a pretty relaxed manner.

Mama having her coffee - the kids having some hot cocoa; because what's a better reason for hot cocoa in the morning than No School Friday!!

I was checking my email briefly.   Or, as briefly as sorting junk mail, from the Requires Action, to the ever growing Folder of Blogs To Be Read, can be.   They were watching a movie they got for Christmas:  Epic.   It's a pretty cute movie.  Nature. Bugs.  Kids dig that stuff.

We had a walk in the woods planned before lunch, and then swimming after lunch.    The kids love exploring the Conservation Area in our small town.   I cannot say I blame them.   Also - Photo Ops Galore!

Sneak Peak 

So at first I was all like, "heck no!  I don't want to promote your company on my blog for Nothing!!"  File Under Junk. 
And then I was like "ooooohhhhh..... Kobo has great sale on books today!" file for definite action later. 
And then I clicked a comment link to Facebook.......and felt like I'd never be happy again.

I don't know if it's me, or if it is others; but I never feel the need to leave a comment on some one's post indicating/suggesting how much I disapprove of it.     If it is not my cup of tea, I don't click that "Like" button, and I move along.   You see to me, my Facebook Profile, is kind of like my home.   I am free to do, or say what I would like.   It's all a matter of personal preference.    You get to see it because we have chosen to be Facebook friends.  That does not also mean it is an Open Door Policy to come on in and write your own commentary all over my walls. 

If you do not Like something I post, I personally feel; please continue to be a Friend and exercise that Private Message option, rather than be a public Facebitch.    I promise NOT to come into your home and tell YOU what to think, do, feel or say.

Otherwise, mi casa es su casa
Which translated means:  you better hope your own home is squeaky clean before I click on over there and see what you've left lying around.   Normally, I find glass houses are not very good at hiding much.   Just saying.

My kids could see that Mama was sadly pondering something, so they pulled up one of their favourite scenes to help mama get some perspective:

I do really like this movie :)

Righto kiddos, I got promises to keep.
And miles to go before I sleep.  (R. Frost, 1923 - click for full poem)

Life is lovely, dark and deep.   Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees.

Sometimes, you'd just rather be amongst the trees.
(all pictures today are with my iPhone4 - no way I was bringing the expensive Canon into the woods with 3 kids alone!)

Angel Girl leading the way

An interesting comparison - I noticed I had the exact same shot in winter -- as I had previously taken this past summer:

Summer 2013

Winter 2014

What brings you solace?

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