The kids are getting old enough now, that they often want to help me in the kitchen.

Thus, I try to choose recipes that are easy for them to be assistants.    And one of the simplest recipes, is to cook up a stir fry.

You can use whatever veggies you have on hand.    My kids love sweet peppers - or "fruit peppers" as we call them.  We have these kid friendly safety knives, so they can easily cut up some veggies. I set them up at the kitchen table cutting up red, yellow and orange peppers.

Green beans, snow peas, or sugar snap peas are also easy for kids to prepare.   They just need to be washed, and if you are picky, the ends snipped off.   If the green beans are big, they can snap them in half.

Best to keep it simple.   Just the peppers and the greens.    Meanwhile, I cut up the meat - pork tenderloin in this case, but you can also use chicken,, turkey or even tofu if you want -- at the kitchen counter.   Then clean the surface.   Obviously, I don't let the kids near the raw meat.

I use a wok with a lid to cook the veggies.   The kids add a tablespoon or so of coconut oil.   In using the wok, the kids can keep an eye on the veggies cooking through the lid, and still be safe.
Just toss them all in.

 I have super long bamboo spoons too -- so the older ones can reach in and give a stir every now and then.   I cook them on  low heat -- we like our veggies still crisp.

Naturally, the hot oil that the pork tenderloin will be cooked in, is at the back of the stove and handled by me.   You can see my secret ingredient in this shot --- this sauce is awesome.   I can make my own with some orange zest/juice, minced fresh ginger, honey and soy sauce that's pretty tasty too. But this stuff just tastes fantastic with pork tenderloin.

 I have a splatter screen that I can place over the cast iron fry pan --- when the pork goes in, it really splatters.   I cook it high so that it can brown.   The pork is cut fairly thin, so it doesn't take long at all.

You can choose noodles or rice to go with your stir fry.   My kids LOVE those Ramen noodles, so we often use them.    They can open the packages, and place them in a deep bowl I have.   I boil the kettle and add the hot water when ready.

** On a Note:  I throw away that flavour package that comes with the Ramen noodles. I just put the noodles right into the cast iron pan after the meat is done, and cover them with some of the Kikkoman sauce.   Maybe add a bit of honey.**

So basically, this is the Anti - Recipe.
No measuring really.
Just toss the food in the pans.   And cook.   And Viola!

So easy -- it's pretty much child's play.

Do you often have Kids in the Kitchen?

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