Well, there's a title sure to garner some interesting searches to my blog.
Sorry if you came here expecting something else.

But this is just me, trying to capture some pictures of the recent howling winds, blowing snow all about me, while I stood with fingers have frozen to the shutter button.

God bless continuous shooting.

Here's a raw image - no editing done.
(as always, click to enlarge)

zooming out a bit, different framing and improve the lighting in edit process.

I got a few more similar shots, but honestly, the snow was blowing in my face (and the camera) at this point, and at minus 20 something... It Was Freezing!!
So I had to turn my back against the wind .......and discovered this:

 the wind was kicking up the snow in the little park across from my house.
As I was shooting this,  protected from the chill somewhat, I noticed how the light was changing from one minute to the next:

So I bravely turned back around to see the sun coming out from behind the clouds and


and then I just had to stand there awhile, watching that glorious ball of fire slowly descend down to its rest.

It occurs to me I probably should have kept shooting pictures, and I might have gotten a better shot, before it disappeared below the horizon.

But sometimes it's nice to just be in the awesome moment, and let it wash over you.

"Sometimes you'll never know the true value of a moment, 
until it becomes a memory."

Have you had a special moment you wanted to preserve lately?

My mom is in town this weekend, and we are set to make some Valentines memories with the kids.  I'm pretty sure she has planned All The Activities that can be found, so if my blog barfs hearts, cupids, cupcakes and pink, red and white glitter next week......don't say I didn't warn ya.

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