Happy Tuesday and welcome to Coffee Chat.

Today's post comes with a warning:

 Oh yes - it was a cupcake extravaganza at my place this weekend!
Sprinkles and google eyes and coloured frosting OH MY!!

I especially love Monkey Boy's cupcake creation because it reminded me of one of my favourite childhood characters.     You be the judge and tell me if you see the resemblance.

My mom was visiting this weekend, and arrived armed with everything Valentines Ever Made.
Maybe it seemed that way --- but I do appear to be knee deep in hearts, glitter and other pink fluffy goodness.

But what better thing to celebrate than LOVE, right?

 Tuesday, February 11th/14

What are you loving?  
You can be as mushy, sentimental..... or not, as you want.
Time out for Mom

Here are a few things I am loving right now.   Feel free to make your own simple list.   Or show pictures.   Or, if you are not loving anything - feel free to give me your "Love Stinks" selections.
All opinions welcome here.

1.   Crafts.  
       Okay, I lie.   I rather despise crafting.   Especially with kids.  There I said it.   Now all you anti-love day people should feel free and comfortable to post your own lists.   But seriously, I find it very frustrating. Often.
Also....glitter was created by the devil I am sure.  It's worse than sand.

However, I cannot argue with the results.   THAT I love.    And my girls were so happy, and that reminds me why I make this small concession.

Our Valentines! 
Monkey Boy hid in his room until it was time to eat the cupcakes.
I was a bit jealous.

2.  Snowy Sundays, Sledding and Selfies

Sunday afternoon was a beautiful day.    Some light flurries, but otherwise a perfect day to hit the hills.
(ZooZoo stayed in her room for this event.  Not for a reason I loved.)

Ready to go, Angel Girl is at the bottom cheering me on!
You did it mama!!  (me and Angel Girl)

Monkey Boy - still hiding
3.   Hot cocoa......and Rosy Cheeks

Gotcha Monkey Boy!
4.   Lee Daniels, The Butler

My mom and I watched this movie one night while working on our Valentines Wreath.  The movie must have been very good because several times I burned my fingers on hot glue, as I was not paying full attention to the Craft.  *side-eye*
Seriously, I did really enjoy the film.  I have no idea about the historical accuracies or if it is anything like the book.   It was just a good movie.  And reminded me a lot of Forrest Gump.    Forrest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey give stellar performances -- it's worth viewing on that alone.

5.  I cannot stop eating this dessert I saw at Jenn's Random Scraps (click for recipe):  You must make these!

Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake Bars -- oh my!

Finally, a bonus, since I missed participating in my Monday Music Moves Me Meme with XmasDolly.....which just happened to have a Love theme also this week.

I LOVE iTunes gift cards!!   Several new songs added to my iPod, including this old favourite of mine that was perfect for dancing around to while eating cupcakes in the kitchen.

And one of my most favourite love songs ever -- but I am sorry, Thank Goodness Gerard Butler is in the video and not the singer Shane MacGowan (no offense Shane, I got nothing but love for ya, but you ain't pretty)

What are you loving (or not) this week?

Next Week:  When I woke up this morning I thought......

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