Happy Big Fluffy Pink Heart Day!

iPhone 4 capture of my Valentines Wreath
Can you feel the love?
 Is it in your fingertips and all around you?

Awesome for you!
Because I can't feel my fingertips.    
I told you already I am not down with the crafting business -- and I got the burned finger pads to prove it.

And who let me use a glue gun anyway?
Seems very irresponsible of someone (mom!) to leave me unsupervised with such things.

Well, you can be the judge of how well I did:

 A bit flashy perhaps?   The girls helped me with it, and they LOVE it; and that's what matters on this special day.
Making the people you love happy.

So, with these burned fingers........I'm gonna need someone to come over here and open up my chocolates for me.

Feeling Beachie

Every week Hilary at Feeling Beachie comes up with 4 statements missing words that you must find.
It's easy, fun and a great way to meet other bloggers.  

This week there are two co-hosts is Gilligan & MaryAnn from Gilligan & MaryAnn’s Desert Island (first two) and T.B. MARKINSON from Making your Mark (second two).

The Statements:

1.   Valentines is a high stress, high expectation day of the year for most men.    I really do feel for most of them - so much pressure on ONE DAY.

 But, you got this, right Left Brain?

2.   Since Valentines is a sign of  how committed to the future of your relationship your partner is, I  think it is better to show your partner that all their time and energy is not being wasted and give them the confidence to continue investing in your relationship....

 ah heck.
in a nutshell:  forget the high costs.  The best gifts really are the ones that show the most thought.

3.  Chocolate covered strawberries with champagne is a great way to show me that you are thinking of me.  

It will also probably put me in a the mood to be the hanky to your panky.   Just saying.

4.   Sometimes I get a little cray cray when I spy candy from my youth and my sweet tooth starts screaming.

Call it self medication for burning love.

Happy Love Day all!

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