A quick apology to all who linked up with my Coffee Chat that I have not yet read your posts

..... the plague be upon me folks.  
I cannot remember a winter being so constantly sick.   Ugh.

But Left Brain has now arrived with some tea and chicken noodle soup, so I should be getting around to reading all your posts in a jiffy.

For now, here's reason 213 why I love my new Canon Rebel camera.
Continuous Shooting.

 Yes.   She does keep her eyes closed all the way down.
It is minus 20 afterall - before the wind chill factor.

The continuous shooting is also pretty great for catching wipeouts too.
Right Angel Girl?

 Face first, eyes closed, swooshing down an icy slope in freezing temperatures.   Laughing.

I think I got me a couple of Rebels.
ImagesByCW Photography
check out Claudia's site -- she's an incredible photograper