Nay Nay. Your eyes do not deceive you.
You have landed in Time Out - be assured.

Do you see what I see? 
Hopefully it is a new blog design.

Based on how it looks, one might think my word for the year 2014 was Simplify.

Clearly you've never done a blog redesign then.   Or you certainly would not use the word "simple" in any form.  Unless, unlike me, you simply have a Love-Love relationship with Technology.

Anyway, I owe much thanks to the illness that has kept me in bed for the week.
Otherwise this blog makeover may never have got done.

And there's my first confession of the year.   Your first deeper glance into "Les."

Yes, the mother who constantly asks her children "why can't you just Sit Still: for 10 seconds?!"

a RARE moment
Can't even lie down and be sick.

Hopefully it was Time well spent, if not actual Get Well Soon time.
I hope you do find it a bit more streamlined.   Not so busy.   Simpler.
Kinda like how  I approach life.

I told ya there would be more Les around here.

Although, I do hope it is highly optimized for showing off pictures.

There will definitely be more of that around here.
I guess you could say, you will really be seeing what I see.