Now that I have added blossoming shutterbug to my ever growing list of Do All The Things!!

I am searching for new ways to explore and expand my burgeoning skills.
One such way is via Alison and Greta's Photography project Through the Lens Thursday

I have admired their brilliant wordsmithing over the years, and I am thrilled to see that they have created this self-improvement photography journey for us to share.

This weeks' prompt is REFLECTION

 I thought it would be interesting to look back over several photographs to track my development and the use of different mediums.

First my crappy old iPhone 3 phone that did not even have a flash, managed to capture this sunset reflection in my car's window:

Sky on Fire!

Walking into my bedroom the other night, I just happened to be returning my Canon Rebel camera to the bedside, when I noticed the moon shining upon the tree outside our window.....and creating a creepy branch/hand image through the condensation:

creepy branch wants you!
0.8 sec
ISO 800/55 m

But my favourite is from a winter walk I took with my mother a few weeks ago, and she - a long time photography lover - showed me how to capture the reflection of the forest we were walking in --- in a snowy puddle:

1/80 sec
ISO-125/55 mm

Cell phone, happy accident, or with a little skilled advice:  all inspiring in their own way.

This is intended to improve our photography skills - so please feel free to share your thoughts!
If you join us/share, use the hashtag #throughthelensthursday to connect with others.

Next weeks' prompt is Flower.

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