With a head full of cold, a weather report of heavy, chilly mists, and this lovely photograph by Claudia at ImagesByCW; I couldn't help but be left inspired by Nature's glory.

 Even if my head and that glory were kind of fuzzy.

Misty River Ride

Vaguely lit by the winters' moon 
inside this coolness,  
soft pierced with light;
a river murmuring - floats by slowly;
misty waters framed by blacken'd branches
stretching fingers forth while
the evening shadows pulling faces 
amongst the shivering willows,
which spill their coolness, 
landing upon my feet -
tears frosted upon the moss.
These twisted trees murmur 
their ballad in each soft corner;
studded with black,  
while the stars lay sleeping.

A pale limb embroidered with black moss
reaches from the shadowy glade;
while silently glides my wake
through murmuring waters that run black;
passing the shadow-flowers, waving
so pale-eyed -  entranced as pallid flotsam
yet, the horizon beckons onward  -
 I, trembling within the foggy fragments
let my swirlin thoughts paddle down
the misty river darken'd tides
and set my sail, 
down into the abyss.

my own photo -- but you MUST go see Claudia's HERE