Hi kids.
Are you there?
It's me, Mom. We need to talk.

Specifically, about your clothes.
You see, as your mom, I accept that it is my duty to take care of you, and things that concern you; until such time as you can do so for yourself.

And I accept that.
I am happy to serve you, my lovely and loving children.
It makes me happy to do things for you, that ensure your happiness.

But today.   Mommy not happy.
I got the blues.  The Laundry Blues.

Google Search (not my photo - my clothes would turn to ice on the line)

To My Dear Girls:   You are beautiful.  You are full of life.   You are loud -- but it's sometimes funny.  Sometimes.
Mostly, you fill my heart with joy because you are like tiny rays of lights that danced into my world.

But..... it is possible to do that dance....In One Outfit Per Day!
I will allow that you may change out of that ONE outfit to don your Princess, or Fairy, or your brother's Spiderman costume.   But after....
.....back into your original outfit.   Please.   

If you wear your soccer uniform, fairy wings and winter toque to re-act a scene from the latest Disney movie For 5 Minutes:   It's not dirty.   Put it back.

ZooZoo: if at any point you ate anything, coloured, or helped daddy with the garbage.   Fine.  You are probably dirty.   Choose ONE additional outfit.

Thank You.

My Dearest Son:    You must think that I am a magician of sorts.    At least, I should think that you must be awed by my Laundry Magic.    For I deliver you clean clothes that look like this:

Notice how neatly folded and stacked this clothing is?
Isn't that amazing?
Yes, Monkey Boy it is --- because you deliver every single dirty article of
 clothing to the laundry room like this:

Do you see the difference?
I see the difference.

Please dearest son, you amaze me with your Lego building prowess,  ability to kick my butt on the Wii, and cheekiness amazing ability in instructing me on how to use my new camera.    Your imagination knows no bounds.

Please apply your skills to Turning The Clothes Inside Right.    Or you know, maybe just start with the socks and underwear.   Help me out here.

Thanks dear First Born,  your loving mama.

Now dear children, if we can all work together on these simple matters -- matters which I now deem you all old enough to set right.

Perhaps you won't have to wear your bathing suit bottoms and pj's to school tomorrow.

No Angel Girl, that does not mean you are allowed to wear your bathing suit to school tomorrow.
Work with me here, mkay?

Can I mommy?
Do your kids have any bad habits you would like to break?
Nobody gets outta here without singing the blues.

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