So it turns out my Friday Date Night did not happen.

My sitter had to cancel.
 (and before you feel too bad for me, Believe Me: she had a far worse day.)

However, Left Brain still had to attend, as it was work related and he really wanted to be there.

Thus, home alone on a Friday night; I weighed my options: face down in some vanilla ice cream and Arrested Development reruns?


Edit some of the numerous photos I took on a recent winter walk with my mom?

The winner?
Well, as it turns out:   I can do 3 things at once.

I was really fascinated by the sunlight filtering through the trees, and wanted to try and capture it.

and how small one feels standing under a towering birch tree

and how much a spot of colour stands out in a field of white

and especially what you spy when you look up

I spy something with my little eye....that goes Tweet

and zoom in close

The walk was so enjoyable.
Time with mom.   Fresh air.  Beautiful sights (even if it was a bitter minus 10 degrees out), and some helpful tips from my mom regarding photography.

I still need to figure out how to not have the background quite so blurry when I do a close up, but I am having fun learning.

Are you learning anything new this year,  or just taking a moment to stop and look?

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