Welcome to Coffee Chat!
And welcome to 2014.

I trust everyone survived the holiday joy and madness, and has leaped into the New Year with much anticipation of hopeful expectations?!

Was that too much?
Forgive me.  I still have Christmas Crack Bark left over. 

Like I've been saying..... perhaps it's best to just ease into the New Year; and chatting.

Wait!  Not you coffee!  You I can take full strength and often.

 Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Let's start the season of with Random Bits.

All that left over sugar plum dancing in your head -- now's the time to clear it out before we start the New Year. 

So today was the first day back to school!!
Really?  It was?   I mean, for you?

Now I have to hate you.
Mine are here.  Bless their hearts.   Thanks to a winter storm that cannot make up it's mind today between sunshine, freezing rain, wind gusts, dropping temperatures and the odd snow flurry.
Oh you are a fickle one Mother Nature.


As for this Mother; I am not fickle, but after 2 straight weeks of kid duty:  how will I know if I miss them if they don't LEAVE?

My plans today were to pack Christmas decorations away and take down the tree.
Were being the key word.
It's still Christmas here!!  Can you feel the joy?

 I also wanted to go for a walk and take my new camera.
Sigh.  Thanks again Mother Nature.
I suppose other moms might be rejoicing that they get One More Day of Loving Togetherness!!

Um, yeah.
That's not what's happening here.
It's actually grown pretty quiet.   One of them might have killed the other.
My normally sweet and loving children have reached the point where they are also anxious to be away from one another.
No problem kiddos!
Time outs for everyone!
And ZooZoo -- shovels are for outside!   Put it down and back away from your brother.

 The toy companies continued their plot to ruin my peaceful Christmas morning.
 I can just imagine them sitting on their luxury yacht somewhere on a crystal blue sea, laughing at us parents who found The Perfect Gift and were just as excited as the child to get that box open......
Toy with Military Grade Defense System!

May you one day be hog-tied to an anthill with the same frustrating ties, elastics, bolts and tape you use on your products.
Merry Christmas ya filthy animals

Finally, I am thinking about this blog for the New Year.
What I'd like to keep doing, what I'd like to change.
I would like to do some more of my actual writing:  I have quite a bit in journals that I have never posted here.   I feel like you just know half of me at this point, and maybe it's time for the Full Reveal.
A new design might accompany that.  So watch out --- I may look different one day soon in this New Year.

But I will still Be Me.
Just more Les, and less Rorybore perhaps.

Who's got time to be 2 people anyway?

What random thoughts are trapped inside of 2013 for you?   Let them out!

Next Week:  What is the one thing you will do differently in 2014?