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I got something sweet with my tea this morning (no coffee until I am feeling 100% again) because I just could not resist them when I was in the grocery store.
Olympic Oreo's!!!
See the Maple Leaf in the centre?

Pretty cool.  Official Cookie of the Olympic Games.
Yeah.  You're right.
I was totally buying them anyway.
Still, it's good to support the National Pride and Joy.

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, January 21st/14

Complete the following:

"I would like to see ____________ trend disappear in 2014."

Well, I don't exactly follow the Fashion World these days, so I can't say what trends deserve a farewell.   Although, I can say in general:   Girls - put on more; Boys - pull them damn pants up already!

On the subject of girls and boys, this Twerking thing would not sadden me if it exited.

And any other overtly aggressive, sexual vulgarity a young girl does...... Just to Show Us She's All Grown Up Now.
We get it.  You're exercising you're I'm An Adult now right to be a complete, dumbass.
Please, since when does gyrating like a low rent stripper up against a married man equate with Maturity!??   
Then - Move. Along.
Just be sure to save lots of that hard earned money, so you can buy back in your 30's, what you gave away so freely in your 20's.

I'd also like to open my Facebook just One Day Please.....and be spared all the Face-bitching.
Honestly, just because someone posts something on their timeline -- it is not always an invitation for you to jump all over them with your own opinion.

Yes, I know there is a "comment" link -- I am just suggesting people might want to resist the urge to always click that button.  Especially if you find yourself all fired up and ready to give them What For because whatever they wrote has got your knickers in a bunch.

The battle lines that can get drawn over Social Media have become a pet peeve of mine.   So much so, that I wrote about it recently.    I just had to ask:  Why So Offended?
(to be clear, I am not talking about calm, respectful exchanges of opinion - I mean the ones that descend very quickly into nastiness, name calling and cursing.)

Other than that, I'd like to say good-bye to this Moreism we have become obsessed with.
More, more, more...bigger, better, More.   In Everything.
So, dear developers:  my cell phone is just fine -- I don't need it to do anything more for me.  It was just supposed to be able to call a tow truck if my car ever broke down, or for the school to reach me if one of my children became sick.   Thank you for the music, the videos, the apps, the games, the texting (sorta), and all the pretty pictures I can take.
It's good.  It's doesn't need to be improved Any More.

Same with my TV.   I fall asleep most of the time anyway.   It doesn't need to get any bigger.  If you could just bring Jason Bateman back to the smallscreen -- that would be super.  Thanks.
Blue Ray?   awesome.  you can stop now
My laptop?   It's Dell....and it works fine.   I'm good need to lure me away.   I spent all my money on the iPhone 4 upgrade anyway.   And I'm Still Behind.

Honestly, that's it.   I'm just tired of upgrading everything.    Yes, technology is great.  It's fascinating what we can do.   It just seems I can never catch up.     

Just like my new blog home here: I long for simple and clean.
I find these days, I don't crave More, so much.
I'm finally content with Less.

Next week:  The Rule of Three.  They say things come in 3s:  What's your favourite list of Three Things.

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