Good Morning and welcome to Coffee Chat!

Today I am talking about Changes.
And you probably have noticed a Big Change as soon as you arrived here.

Goodbye Purple Woman Cave (I still love ya tho purple) and Hello Light and Bright!
I do hope you find this space a more inviting place to visit.
It is after all YOU who makes my second home so warm and friendly.   The least I could do is provide a suitable venue.
So Thank You to all who have encouraged and supported me here!   I hereby promise to remain in the light evermore.

Now, onto the Chat Topic.

Tuesday, January 14th/14

What is the one thing you will do differently in 2014?

Time out for Mom

So, confession time.   I have a bad habit y'all.    This is me:

Except without the WISE part.

Because only a foolish mama would stay up too late, and be tired the next day when the alarm clock goes off kids come running in to wake you up.   Of course, THEY are full of energy to start their day.
And now you also know exactly why coffee is often the only thing that truly understands me.

It is part bad habit, but also just partly my nature.   I have always leaned towards staying up late and sleeping in.  Which worked okay when I was single and only had myself to take care of.
Also, Youth = Boundless Energy.

I like the quiet and stillness that comes with the night.  The calm that descends upon the world.  Well, at least when you are tucked away safe in your own comfy abode.   Inspiration seeks me out during those hours.   My mind is open to receive.   In essence:  I come fully awake at this point.

The day is just the hours to get through until that moment arrives.

Wrong. Just.No.
The day should be for seeking inspiration too!   It's not to be just survived, or endured.

I don't know.  Maybe it's how loud and busy the world has become.   Inspiration is most certainly there.  It's in every song I hear,  beautiful picture I see, thoughtful post or book I read, the laughter of my children.    Surely adventures are sought and met.   However, with all the distraction going on around us: who can filter all that?

I suppose that's why I like the time after most have gone to bed.   It's my time to process everything that has unfolded in my world that day.   Others might be able to Live and Process at the same time; but I don't think I am one of them.   I'd like to think that my process is in part related to my creative nature.  That it allows me to take time to step back and really examine.

I just have to learn to do it before midnight.
As I am also convinced that part of why I have been so sick lately, is due to a supreme lack of sleep.

When Inspiration Strikes, One Must Run With It:  it's a very artistic thought.   And I am sure there will be times when it is true.

But I no longer think that I have to sacrifice precious hours of sleep, to be in touch with that creative side.  I no longer want to suffer for my art.   What good is it to have all my dreams come true, but be too tired to enjoy them?  That creative aspect is always there, just under the surface.   I just have to become wiser in knowing how to make it bubble forth when called upon. 

Besides, how can one dream; if one does not first Go to Sleep?

How about you, is there anything you will change this year?

Next Week: Complete the following:   "I would like to see _______ trend disappear in 2014."