I don't normally like to get into Internet fights.
But sometimes, someone says something so incredibly stupid and offensive, my vexation strains against it's normal bounds of constraint, and leaps out to slap the stupid off their face.

Especially when it is hatred directed toward women.
Or rather, a particular class of women I choose to belong to: moms.

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Mama Bear's been poked folks. And she's gonna get herself that stick back and play whack-a-mole whenever such a Miss Single And Fabulous as Amy Glass raises her damn head.

 View the article HERE.

And here is my comment:

So....by your definition then, Mother Theresa was a stupid, useless human being who never did anything exceptional. Right? 

True, she may not have been married with kids of her own; but she still did devote her life to service to others. What's so hard about that? You know...instead of vain, selfish pursuits that only serve to feed her own vanity and glory. Clearly she must have been wasting her time in this world - taking care of children and such. Bah! Utter nonsense. Why did she even bother. Probably expects us to make her a damn Saint or something..... 

You miss the point. Not everyone requires a life of such lofty pursuits, that will see them exalted by their fellow man.  No, not woman - they wear judgie pants that are clearly too tight and cause the stupid to leak from their head.  Wait...sorry - that might be just you. The rest of you women who support me In Whatever my Goals might be: you, I love. 

Do I expect celebrations for getting married or having kids? No. But I love and appreciate that My Community does that for me. To assist me in making a good start at this wife and parenthood gig. To let me know that I am not alone; there is always help close at hand. Just as I appreciated coworkers who celebrated a task well done, or a promotion with me, when I did work outside the home. The only difference is the venue. Since people would likely frown on me for doing a tequila shot because of the meaningless task of changing a diaper. Though I would freely admit -- it probably would make the day go faster. 

But, this is the point you missed, and that us mothers get: to LOVE so much that you give of yourself - your entire self - to ensure the growth, maturity, education, awareness, kindness, empathy, compassion, interests, goals, relationships, daily simple needs of another......is entirely a hard AND noble pursuit. To raise a human being to go into this world and NOT be a bitter, resentful, hateful, poison spewing Jerk -- it's actually a pretty tough job. And it is entirely difficult to balance that against such mundane things as dinner, laundry and traveling around the world at the drop of a hat. Or responding to Internet trolls who find your existence so very offensive to their own world view. (although I would ask you to consider why that view is so entirely narrow, since your clearly suggest we should be doing All The Things.) 

The simple truth is this my dear: my children can grow up to NOT be assholes, because of the work I do in the here and now. Whether I get praised or thanked for it or not, it still must be done. And my husband can pursue his goals in life, because my being here to take care of All The Things, allows him the freedom to become exceptional.  Whether he does, or not: is up to him. The truth of the matter is, single, selfish bitches are not prepared to make such a sacrifice. Unexceptional people rarely can. 
 I am not a martyr -- I do this because it is Right.   Doing what is Right, needs no further reward or celebration.  And is very often exceptional.

I don't feel the need to disguise this simple daily life as anything other than what it is. And if it is such a terrible thing. Such a crying shame to have wasted my chance to Become! To be exceptional and worthy of praise from someone like you....

Why then am I happy, peaceful - truly content?
When you it seems are not?  For only a truly discontented person would make such broad, hateful and judgemental statements towards other women.

No word play there my dear.
Obvious troll is obvious.

Wasting my breath?
Entirely possible.
As I fully expect this is just another attempt by some fame seeking individual to get their own 15 minutes.  This is bitterness and hatred;disguised as Feminism.   Well, I don't feel encouraged, supported, or raised up in such a manner as that I could achieve my full potential: I don't mind saying.   Should that not be feminism?  The article is so over-whelming polarizing, it's impossible to actually take seriously.

Selfish people rarely have to take themselves seriously though.

However, I still felt the need to respond on behalf of the overwhelming number of Exceptional moms I know, who are in the trenches with me.  Every Day.  The long nights.     You are entirely worthy and deserving of celebration.     Do not let the Internet wenches of the world tear you down.   Your contribution to this world, will absolutely count; though it may not be lauded.

What can I say?   I'm a mom:  I teach Lessons.
And in this case, it needed to be Set Straight:  only slightly more important than the advice "Don't feed the trolls"

is "don't poke the Bear."

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