Simon Says:

GMail is Down!! 
Quick - Hug the person beside you! 

And like all others who likely tried to open their blog, only to receive an error 500 code:  I panicked.
I thought I was stronger.
But I is sheeple too.

Since I still had Instagram and Twitter, not all was lost.
I also decided to have a little fun: Simon Says IS a game after all.

Remember this scene from Jaws?

When the son is mimicking everything the father does at the dinner table?
Which in turn releases the father's stress?   Because cute kid trumps giant man eating shark.
Of course.

Anyway, Angel Girl plays this game when I tuck her into bed tonight.   We always sing a song, and she has taken to copying all my actions, facial expressions, positions, etc.    Most endearing.  Every.Single.Night
Maybe if I was fighting a giant shark, it might be cute.  Every.Single.Night

Well tonight.... I LEAD.
At first, all was normal, but then I scratched under my chin did she.
And then I scratched on top of my head.....and so did she.
then under my arms.
then my butt.
and finally, I pretended to pick my nose.
And everywhere that mommy went......the lamb was sure to go.

Until she realized I was laughing, and she still had her finger up her nose.

Ah see, kids ARE fun.
You just have to know how to play the game.

Feeling Beachie

This week’s co-host is LISA from LISA WRITES she who came up with the last three statements.

The Statements:

1.    Music always makes me happy and relaxed.

2.  If one song represents how I feel right now it is  "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) " by Kelly Clarkson.   It's been that kind of day.

3.  In 2013 my biggest challenge was probably homework and made me hate my child's school, teachers, my child, whoever thought up school in the first place, the pencil company,  the paper manufacturer's, logging company, buses.... I don't know, did I leave anyone out?

Seriously, it was that painful each night.

4.  I feel apathetic about making New Year's resolutions.
    However, I do resolve to be stronger.  Always.

    Mommy Says:  feel free to copy that kiddos.

    Who else is ready for the wine.... I mean, the weekend?

    Here's your cute factor for the day the full scene from Jaws:

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