I see most bloggers have started their New Year's Posts.
Resolutions are being made; or not.
Words are chosen.    Or.Just.One

I find I am not quite ready to leap forward yet.
Because choosing One Word, without reflection, is just hard y'all.
And normally, I just suck at year end reviews.    Maybe I am just lazy, maybe I am just not that retrospective.

Maybe I need a little push.   Backwards.
To go forwards.

So I am mighty thankful to Cookie's Chronicles for tagging me in a post, that will help me take that glance in the rear view mirror.    Before revving up for the journey into 2014.

That's a lot of driving metaphors for someone who hates to drive.

What are you most grateful for this year?

I won't lie, it has been very nice having the house to myself most days since all the kids started school in September.   The odd day Left Brain is home, or he's here but sleeping, and we have even had the odd lunch date, or chance to cuddle and watch a movie during the day.   Mostly, I have had time to actually Think!   Or, To Do.  If that's what I want.  It's been restful, restorative; if not actually always relaxing.   The same amount of work still needs doing.   But I don't feel so rushed anymore.

What did you learn about yourself this year?

That I can be a grumpy bear if I don't get that Time.   There are so many daily demands on my attention -- even with kids gone.   Everyone else knows I am home and available; so the requests fly.  Or the phone rings.   There are still many interruptions to my day.   And it irks me.    But, I have learned that unless I actually move to a cabin alone in the woods; this modern life is gonna bring interruptions.   I still need to be better about handling that.
I guess interruptions can actually mean you Are In Fact connected.   ish?

Did you try anything for the first time this year?

I tried Zumba!   Loved it.  Absolutely.   But the girl cancelled the class just before the holidays.  Bummed!    I also tried AquaFit and love that too.   Fortunately I will be able to continue with that in the new Year.
I tried some different recipes in attempts to shake up our becoming boring meals.   Some were hits, some were misses.  

Did you choose a word to focus on for 2013?   How did that word influence you this year?

That's my word.
It support that "time" thing.

Did you travel this year?  Where to?

We went camping.
I went to Toronto for a kid free weekend at FanExpo.    See the Awesome here.

Other than that, no travels beyond short distance to family.
Actually, I am not sure that I even made it home to Kingston in the past year?   At least for an extended stay.

Did you have a favourite song(s) this year?

Well that could be a whole post in of itself.   I LOVE music.   It would take forever to name all the songs, but a few were:

Did you learn anything new, or pick up a new hobby?

I learned some basics about computer programming and code to tweak my boring blogger design.   That rotating carousel was many months of agony to get right.   Still not completely happy; but it works!
I learned properly tarping a campsite is essential to remaining dry during 2 days of straight rain.
And you can never have enough extra towels.   or spare change for the dryer.  And to always Guard Your Dryer at a campsite.   Unmentionable does not equal Untouchables.  apparently.

At FanExpo I learned that The Hoff is in fact quite tall, Nathan Fillion is beyond funny and charming, Karl Urban is ridiculously....I mean lethally, good looking, and Norman Reedus smells really good.   And fangirls are slightly insane in their stalking ability.

My new hobby came late in the year, thanks to a wonderful Christmas gift that enabled me to purchase my new camera.   I am very much looking forward to using it this year!

Unfortunately,  I also learned some Gangnam Style and what a fox says.

Did you discover any new good eats this year?

Hmmmm, I guess I am not really a foodie.   I pin a lot of interesting recipes, but I don't actually make a lot of them.    Or rather, not a second time, because I still have some pretty picky eaters in this house.   They like the familiar.    And different foods shouldn't touch.

That pretty much limits much recipe exploration.   But I will keep trying.

What about books?

 My beach blogging bud Hilary wrote an excellent book, Dangled Carat.  (click to read my review).
You can see it right over there in my right sidebar if you still have not read it.  And why not?

I also read Jill Smokler's, Confessions of A Scary Mommy.

Jen of People I Want To Punch In The Thoats', I Just Want to Pee Alone
Jonathan Safran Foer's,  Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close  I liked it, but liked Everything Is Illuminated more.
Nora Roberts, Chesapeake Bay Saga

And I started another first by a blogger, Rachel Robinson - Escaped: A Samantha Scott Novel - until  my Ereader crashed and decided to not let me continue reading, and doesn't seem to want to load the 2nd novel.  (a third is also now released).  Since I am really looking forward to finishing this series, I WILL fix this problem in 2014.

What was your favourite movie of 2013?

The Hobbit was technically released in 2012 I guess, but I saw it in 2013, so I am counting it.  Because, Peter Jackson.
Loved The Wolverine.   Because, Hugh Jackman.
Also RDJ in Iron Man 3 -- but I'd see him in anything probably.
 I thought Leo was brilliant, again, in The Great Gatsby....but something about the movie fell short.
My guilty pleasure I keep watching?  Olympus Has Fallen with Gerard Butler.   Scots - I can't resist a man who looks good in a kilt.

I am way behind in movies I would like to see.

Predictions for 2014

How will you/did you celebrate New Year's Eve?

Relaxed all the day, aside from putting together my snack mixes.   Then an early evening skating party followed by hot cocoa, snacks and games at my church.   Then home to put kids in bed around 10 pm.   Pop the Champagne Left Brain!!   Stoke the Fire!!  Melt the cheese!   Ball Drop!!

Okay, so that sounds weird when put like that....but it was nice all the same!


Will you do anything different in 2014?  Resolutions? Goals?

Blogging may take a new direction.   Something added, not necessarily taken away.  More focus on my own writing.
Fitness - always a goal really.   But specifically I am determined to get through the 30 Day Shred without someone getting sick, or myself.
I don't typically make any resolutions though.

An ongoing goal is to continue getting this house organized.

Have you chosen a word for 2014 - if so, what is it?

Probably Not.

I think I need an entire mantra.

Any travel plans for the new year?

I would like to get home to Kingston.
We would like to get back to Thunder Bay in the summer to see Left Brain's Dad and his wife.  Lovely People.  Lovely camp site on lovely lake.  It's all rather.... lovely.   I hope.

I would not say no to another FanExpo trip.
Or some place actually out of country...... I hear Boston, and The Cape are really nice.  

Will you take a course, or learn anything new this year?

Yes.  I will learn to use my new camera, Canon Rebel.   Whether an actual course, or a book for dummies, I am very much looking forward to that adventure.

I may also need some retraining for my return to work.   Wow - that actually caused pain to write.
I don't know what at this point though. 
I may be in denial.

Normally one would tag other bloggers, but I suspect many of you are more on the ball than I.
However, if you find yourself stuck roadside in the early start of 2014, feel free to participate as well. 

Above all, Happy Trials into 2014!