I am still feeling under the weather.

The silver lining is this cold has forced me to Be Still for a bit, and so I am almost caught up on all seasons of Downton Abbey.

This past Fall will be known as the Season Mama Watched The Telly.
I cannot believe all the great shows I have missed when I couldn't stay awake past 9 pm.

Don't worry though; I won't become a lazy boob tube obsessed sod or anything....

....because I know I'd better watch out, I'd better not cry, I'd better not pout and I will tell you why:

Santa Claus Has Come To Town!!
Ha - love that short cartoon.

Anyway, for Realz!

6 years gone and Angel Girl still afraid of Santa

but she's totally cool with the Mrs.
ZooZoo wouldn't go within 10 feet of Santa either.
She's more a Grab it and Run kinda girl:

Don't worry Santa -  Angel Girl does like you. 
You probably noticed once you got her talking...... There.Was.No.End.In.Sight.

But you will be pleased to know, she is perfecting her cookie baking skills for you:


You like pink sprinkles.....and LOTS of em, right?
To all a good night then.