Our Christmas Lights are Up!
We try not to go too crazy, but there are more than usual up this year.
(I have a light up snowman in the corner of the porch, and another light set in our big window that can't be seen.)

I do soooo love the look of a street adorned in bright festive lights. 
And the way they shimmer on all that snow.

All That Snow.
Yeah, I know - complaining about it is kinda our national winter past-time.

But......I kinda asked for it:

The Front Door Says:  Let It Snow
 ZooZoo takes a rest from all her Snow Play.
Sledding is tiring for a 4 year old.   

 And she gets a tow to the Santa Parade from big Sis - Angel Girl soon gave up on being "Rudolph":

 One of our neighbours has a great sense of humour!

Upside down Frosty

A lot of our outdoor fun seemed to happen at night this past week.   Which as you can plainly see, my iphone camera has performance issues in the dark.
A common problem I'm told.
All fun ..and no flash.