Merry Christmas and welcome to the chat!!

You will see it is looking a bit festive around here now. Still some fun stuff to add....but I was too busy Getting My Christmas Shopping DONE today.

Well....about 85% done I guess.   But, that's a Personal Best folks!

The December Chats will be easy ones.   Because I suspect, like me, you need Time for other things during this Great Busy Season.

And Time is one of the greatest gifts we can be given.

But tell me......what is it that you really, really want for Christmas?

 As I said (and as per that blog title up there), one of the things I am very grateful for this holiday season, is that I have all 3 children in school.    Freedom!!

It's been 9 years coming folks!

I am not pregnant.   Or breastfeeding.  Or trying to handle 2 toddlers while trying to fulfill the Gimme Gimme Gimme What I Want List.    The only potty breaks.....are my own. 

I have Time.   All kinds of time.   To do with as I will. 

I have redecorated rooms.
I have purged toys.  Books.  Stuffed animals.    Stuff and Things!

Reorganized closets.  Drawers.    The Garage.  sorta.
Left Brain takes credit for that one.    Until I couldn't find any of the decorations. 

And then I watched all the seasons of Games of Thrones.   I was tired y'all!

The only thing I have not done yet is the house decorating and the baking.
But!   All in due time folks.

Because I have heaps of it.
Especially since most of my shopping is done.

Which means a happy wife and mom who can sit back and enjoy some of the fun stuff the festive month brings:
Making Ice Sculptures!

Outdoor Fun!

 No...those aren't Snowboards.  Just regular sleds.
I think I got some daredevils on my hands.

One may not have been having as much fun as the rest of us:
Monkey Boy busy shoveling the driveway

Don't feel too bad for him. 
Boy who asks for iPod 5 for Christmas --- gets $5 per driveway shoveled so he can save some money towards the gift himself.

I don't have an iPod 5.
I don't even have an iPhone 5

I suppose you can guess, ....if money is no object:  what I'd really really really want (since my 3rd generation is very soon to bite the dust methinks):
you probably saw this coming....didn't you?

 But that time thing is pretty darn good too.

NEXT WEEK:  What is the best thing that has happened to you, since last Christmas?