Good morning, Happy Tuesday....grab a cuppa and join the Coffee Chat!!

Due to a knocker of a cold, I'll be having honey and lemon tea this morn. 
This one has really taken the fight out of me.

Or the sweats a least.
So much so, Left Brain snuggled up to a very hot and bothered me Saturday night -- and not in the way he enjoys.

Ya give me fever baby!
Yeah, sexy song...... not so sexy waking up to soaked sheets.
Seriously, I was mortified thinking I was so ill I had actually wet the bed!!!

I'd never been so glad to just be on my death bed.

Left Brain was so sweet when I got up to change the sheets.
"Just go sleep downstairs."

Can you feel the love?
Well, in his defense -- I reeked of Vick's Vapour Rub and sounded like a drunken smokey lounge singer.

Did I mention it was not my finest hours?

 Still......whatever happened to in sickness and in health?

Tuesday, December 10th/13
What is the best thing that has happened to you, since last Christmas?

or B:   This is a busy and stressful time of year.  I think it helps sometimes to let off a bit of steam; so-to-speak.   I sounded my beef about toy packaging in my 4 Fill Fun.   
Sooooo.......if you got a rant you need to let fly; I'm all ears.

I'm sure I could think of many things to get off my chest.    I know I try to keep it light and fun here in  my blog space; but don't be fooled that means I don't have trials.   Some of it, I am not at liberty to speak about.   Mostly, this is my escape, and I don't wish to have the prevailing tone be one of negativity.    But oh yes..... as well as the better; I too have the worst at times.

Which brings me to my best moment of since last Christmas:

Left Brain and I celebrated 10 years of  Marriage this past summer.

Maybe to some, it's not much.
To's still often feels like the beginning.
Some of our friends married shortly before, or after; have already parted ways.

For me, it's a milestone -- the best kind!
We are not perfect, our 3 kids can be rowdy at times, we barely have a dime to our name since I have chosen to stay at home...and the walls of this wee house feel like they are often closing in.

But we are forgiven.  Our kids are happy and healthy and bring much joy.  We have what we need, and our beds are cozy, warm and dry under a sound roof.


And while the sickness, the poor, and the worse may visit our door from time to time; we still want to be here.  Together.   More than still loving him - I still LIKE him.  (oh, to be sure, I could have strangled him a few times too. God's hand was surely upon him some days!)

So for a girl who never thought she could be married - let alone a mom; I'd say celebrating 10 years is a right fine Best Moment!

The fancy dinner out with great food (and Scotch), the hotel room and the movie the next day were just the gravy and stuffing with the turkey.

Left Brain is NOT the turkey. Just so there's no misunderstanding.
The man got me a new iPhone 4 just the other day.

I'll save the turkey comment for next time he does something "male".
And since I've been married 10 years, I know it's bound to happen.... just as I am sure to do some silly female thing like get all frustrated and weepy because my crappy iphone 3 takes horrible pictures and it's so slow I cannot even Instagram the picture IF I could take it, Facebook takes 5 minutes to load and then the darn thing turns itself off half the time.....

.... except, I get a new phone out of the deal.

Told you a good rant can make you feel better.
What was the best thing to happen to you since last Christmas?

NEXT WEEK:  If you were Santa, want food/drink would you want left for you?  Now is your chance to share a recipe...or God Love Ya, a cocktail.   Have fun with it.