I wish I knew before I had children just How Many Pictures I would take.

You know that you will take pictures -- Of Course there will be pictures.
But need to buy a computer with larger memory kind of taking pictures?
The Big Bargain Stack of recordable CD's?
Not prepared.

But you do it anyway...because  oh my goodness the unimaginable cuteness!!
And then you load them on your computer; maybe email a copy to the grandparents.

And there on the computer: they stay.

I rarely print or order any copies.  The pics just sit there in their neatly organized folders.

"First Day of School"

The kids often beg me to view their photos.....Very Specifically.
So then I have to hunt and try and remember which folder that shot of Angel Girl dancing in her Purple Tutu "not the Pink one mom!!!" is located. 

So then I re-organize all those categories -- by each child.  By event.

There may be cursing involved at this stage.

Why don't you make scrapbooks of their favourite photos?

Oh thank you....you smart and helpful people.
Because of course -- I have all the time for printing, gluing and decorating of paper!
That's exactly what my house needs!!

More paper!  Everywhere!

And then, like a light from the heavens, somebody made a more practical suggestion:

Digital Scrapbooking 


I can do it whenever I find a few moments.  
I can do it with the kids even -- they love helping to design their pages.
I have started a photo book for each child, and when a funny or great photo op occurs; it only takes a few minutes to create a new page for their book.

I can make posters.   Photo holiday cards.  Post cards.  Recipe cards. 

And....No Glue.
No stickers that might come off years from now.
No faded writing.
I can change the photo, the background, the embellishments....At Any Time.

The best part is that I can choose to print the pages, or even order it as an actual photo book that they will have as a keepsake forever.  

Create.Edit.Share.   Oh Snap!

The following pages were both created in under 30 minutes, and using free kits available at the MyMemories Store

Sledding Sisters

Snow Sisters!!

The new Version 5 Of MyMemories Suite is even more user friendly with its completely redesigned Interface.   12 Designer Templates with over 200 backgrounds, over 900 embellishments, and 500 plus monograms.   There are also many tutorials available to assist you.

There are many sales available right now.  
You can also find many lovely Free Design Kits -- even holiday designs.



If you want to preserve all those precious memories - holiday or otherwise - I highly recommend the MyMemories Digital Scrapbooking program.    The ease of the program, the amount of designs, layouts, embellishments, and the peace of mind knowing your memories are capture:  well worth the $39.97 price.

In reality, memories are priceless.

Disclaimer: Since I am a member of the Share the Memories (STM) Affiliate Program, I a received a copy of the MyMememories Suite v5 for free.   All opinions are my own.